Where do lemurs live?

Lemurs in the wild live only in Madagascar, a large island off the east coast of mainland Africa. See some of Madagascar's unique habitats in the Ako series posters below:














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Ako the Aye-Aye and Friends

Learn more about lemurs  and their habitat by reading the Ako books .


How can I help lemurs?


» Visit your local zoo or aquarium to see what your zoo is doing to help save lemurs and other animals in your backyard and around the world.


» Make your next batch of baked goods using vanilla, chocolate, or cinnamon produced by farmers in Madagascar who are working to protect lemurs and their habitat.


» Learn about lemurs! Then you can tell other people, and we can work together to save them.

» Enjoy EnviroKidz Organic Leapin’ Lemurs Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cereal and Bars. 1% of the sales are donated to the Lemur Conservation Foundation.

Andasibe-Mantadia - No Song the Indri Tsingy - Bounce the Sifaka Berenty - Tik-tik the Ring-tailed Lemur Masoala - Red-ruffed Lemurs Menabe - Bitika the Mouse Lemur Tompolo - Ako the Aye-aye

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