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The Myakka City Lemur Reserve is open to the public only one day a year—usually in December, for our annual open house. If you belong to an AZA-affiliated zoo, your reciprocal membership entitles you to a special invitation and a 30% store discount at the open house.


Visit our What’s New page for an update on LCF activities and an opportunity to subscribe to our e-newsletter, one of many ways to continue learning about lemurs. Your actions can help this primate group survive.


Educate the World About Lemurs

» Spread the word to friends, family, and your community.  Many people don’t know that 94% of lemur species are threatened with extinction.

» Post lemur news on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media.

» Learn more about lemurs and share what you discover.  Make lemurs the topic of a science project, a book club discussion, or a scout meeting.


Support Habitat Conservation and Human Development in Madagascar

» Give to nonprofits that address the challenges that Madagascar faces, from overpopulation to illiteracy to deforestation. The well-being of people and lemurs is linked.

» Avoid rosewood and ebony furniture. Illegal loggers will stop chopping down trees in Madagascar when selling the wood is no longer profitable.

» Visit Madagascar as an eco-tourist. When lemurs contribute to livelihoods, their survival becomes a priority.


Model Environmental Stewardship

» Conserve energy and recycle waste.  Global environmental challenges such as climate change can upset the delicate balance of flora and fauna in Madagascar.

» Welcome a dog or cat in your house, but leave lemurs in the forest. Lemurs—or other primates—do not make good pets.



» Organizations involved in lemur conservations appreciate whatever you can give: time, money, and supplies. Even a paper towel tube can help LCF keepers create an enrichment activity for our lemur colony.

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