Dr. Linda Taylor

Biological anthropologist and primatologist

Associate Professor, anthropology

Graduate Program Director

University of Miami


• PhD, Washington University in St. Louis

* BA, San Diego State University


Dr. Taylor investigates intersections of biological and social relationships. Focusing on the social behavior of lemurs living outside of Madagascar, she has conducted research at zoos, St. Catherine’s Island, and the Duke Lemur Center. Her current research agenda focuses on how social behavior changes as lemurs age, as well as how to maximize the well-being of ring-tailed lemurs in North American habitats. Of particular interest are questions of how kinship impacts colony reproductive success, mortality, and morbidity.

She is the former head of the anthropology section of the Florida Academy of Science and a recipient of the University of Miami’s Excellence in Teaching Award. Dr. Taylor established the UM master’s program in anthropology, which includes a track in applied primatology and a research skills internship at LCF. She teaches research methods and scientific writing at LCF’s Myakka City Lemur Reserve and has brought undergraduates to the site for more than a decade.

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