Dr. George Amato

Conservation geneticist

Director, Institute for Comparative Genomics

Affiliated Professor, Richard Gilder Graduate School

American Museum of Natural History


• PhD, Yale University

• MS, Yale University

• MPhil, Yale University

• BS, University of Connecticut


Using technologies from molecular biology and genomics, Dr. Amato examines genetic threats to species at a landscape level and uses this information to design applied conservation strategies. He has published and lectured extensively on conservation strategies for endangered species and especially on using molecular analyses to determine conservation priorities. His research has taken him around the world, from Madagascar to Malaysia, from China to Peru.

Prior to his work at the AMNH, Dr. Amato held a similar position at the Bronx Zoo with the Wildlife Conservation Society.  He is a longtime advisor to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) through its Taxon Advisory Groups (TAGs), including the prosimian TAG that manages the captive breeding of lemurs.

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